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When I hear someone’s talking about my OTP, I’ll be like


Anonymous asked: What is your name?

I really dislike my birthname, so nearly everyone calls me by my nickname: Jojo. :33

Anonymous asked: and i know the book does not romanticizes it but most of the people who read it did and i just can't imagine the whole book's complexity in 2 hrs. (like there are a lot of topics discussed aside love, like sexual experiences, religion,-really well explained-, being an outcast, bullying, emotional/physical abuse etc). Idk sorry for invading you ask box like i'm getting mad over a stack of paper

No no, just keep on going if you feel like it :3 I like getting/answering asks, even if they are not really questions/related in any way xD
So yeah, I also agree that many people don’t get the book in the right way. It’s about the loss of a loved one, about how one person can be a mark in the lives of many other people even though the person might not know it. It’s about growing up, about development of onesself and others. About experiences, faults everyone/nearly everyone makes during his or her youth and about the questions people tend to ask themselves and their possible answers.
It is NOT about the beauty of mental illnesses nor about how “cool” it is to drink or smoke - at least not the way I take it.

Anonymous asked: plus i am currently battling depression and an ed but people just tell me to ''grow up'' or ''to put myself together'' but as soon as a conventionally pretty girl has one everyone wants to ''save her'' aka be in a relationship with her because love is all you need because the love of your family or friends is not as strong as the love of a significant other right? it just makes me really upset because all the books i read are turning into a virgin suicides disaster

Yeah, I get that point and I partially agree. I am convinced, though, that it’s not about her beauty that makes everyone want to save her but that it is because of the beauty they interpretate into her mental illness.
I think they don’t really understand your illness, or they don’t get its seriousness. They don’t get that its a real problem, a real illness that has to be cured or that needs help, as long as you don’t start to act in the “dramatically beautiful kind of sad way” as book characters e.g. do… It is hard to explain but I hope you understand my intention nevertheless, I’m sorry if I suck at explanations…

Anonymous asked: not really a question but you are the only person i follow that knows green's other books (not just tfios) so the looking for alaska movie is being made and i'm really pissed off, the story is great and i love all the themes that were involved but i know they'll be ignored cuz it'll come off as a love story and teens will start acting like alaska/will start romanticizing mental illnesses and smoking/drinking and everybody will suppport everything miles does because ''he just wants her so bad''

So, yeah. First of all I have to say that I don’t really like Miles sometimes. Of course, it is sad what he has to go through but I don’t like the selfish way in which he is sad about Alaska’s dead.
Also, I agree with your fear of the romanticising of depression/mental illnesses/drinking/e.g. They are already regarded to as “poetic” and “tragically beautiful” by many teens which is awful because THEY. ARE. NOT. Drinking is an addiction which is able to destroy a person’s life, mental illnesses are as well. But I don’t think that any of them will ever change their point of view, no matter what. Looking for Alaska might make the situation worse but yeah. #whatever

So I have to admit that I’m surprised by the fact that there are a whole lot of “the Giver” fandiction on ff.net





YES.YES.YES. People need to realise this 

This belongs more on Facebook than it does on tumblr.

i think you’re missing out on some of tumblr then… but it should be on facebook too, it should be on every social media site!

What I mean is that people on tumblr seem better at sympathy and know how to treat others but there’s a lot of homophobic people and swagfags who blame rape victims for what happened to them on Facebook.

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Michael Vincent Manalo is a photographer and a digital mixed-media artist. His work is inspired by the imagined memories of nostalgic and dream-like environments; his works documents their decline into post-apocalyptic and nightmarish creations. 


did Delilah ever say what it’s like in new york city???

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Artist on Tumblr

Stephen Wilkes | on Tumblr (USA) - Day to Night

For more than two decades Stephen Wilkes has been widely recognized for his fine art and commercial photography. His photographs have been exhibited in galleries and museums, and featured in a number of leading magazines and periodicals.

Wilkes’ newest body of work is titled Day to Night. The work embodies epic cityscapes with fleeting moments throughout the day to the night. Wilkes photographs from one camera angle continuously for approximately 15 hours. A select group of images are then seamlessly blended into one photograph. The work has inspired huge positive response by the public and press. Each photograph takes months to develop and a plan for more images is in the works.

© All images courtesy of the artist

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