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It should be impossible for a fictional character to show a display of natural emotions like this. And it should be impossible for me to identify with her this much.
Look at how she slowly starts to feel bad but tries to conceal it, how she pulls up her shoulders and hugs herself tightly and how this behaviour creates a feeling of weakness. I always feel a stinging in my heart when I’m looking at this because I know exactly how she feels. Weak, defeated and lost, as if her own body was turning powerless. She seems frightened and like she can’t do anything about the ongoing events, like her own ice powers and the whole situation are just too much for her to handle. She’s afraid to let anyone get near to her and help her carrying this weight which she obviously can’t carry alone because she’s worried to hurt someone. She is afraid of herself. So she just kind off hugs herself, tries to keep herself together, to not get overwhelmed by her feelings and break down. She knows her weakness, but she is not able to let it take over.
Look at the way she presses her eyes shut  when finally turning away and that hurt expression appearing on her face, while her right hand is just laying weakly on her side. She knows she is hurting herself and the person she cares most about by behaving the way she does but she is convinced she would cause even more pain if she’d just open up.
Looking at this sequence of the movie, you can actually feel how her childhood affected her, how her parents raised her to be afraid of herself and to shut everyone out. You can see how she doesn’t want to carry on like this, how she wants to let Anna in, but can’t, because old habbits are difficult to let go off.
This is so beautiful and yet so sad. It’s a realistic display of anxiety, a display of feeling lost.

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